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Saving Student Lives One Story at a Time

a brand dedicated to social impact and amplifying purpose

" There is a smile that radiates from her face; a glow that survived the depression of her past. She calls out, noticing me before I notice her. “I am doing so much better,” she says, “Thank you for everything!” The “everything” I had done, was simply to listen to her, to see her. That is what matters"

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Our Story

Born Out Of Passion, Driven By Purpose.

The story of KLTR Education is one of passion and purpose. Our founders, motivated by a deep commitment to holistic learning, set out to redefine education. The result is a curriculum that seamlessly integrates social-emotional learning into every aspect, creating a powerful narrative that aligns with the motivational messages delivered by KLTR Motivational Speakers.

We improve education and social and emotional learning in students by applying branding principles to the introduction, implementation, and collaboration with educators and institutions. The KLTR program serves as a resource for growth and sustainability.

Nurturing Growth and Connection.

A student who is only academically focused and not given opportunities to develop socially will struggle to thrive as a scholar. In today's changing world, students are faced with numerous challenges that can hinder their self-esteem and academic success, regardless of their background or the district they attend. It is crucial for educators, influencers, community organizations, and organizers to help students answer the question of “What is my purpose?” as it sets the direction of their lives and validates their efforts. KLTR is a valuable resource that provides support for educators to increase student growth and character development in both content-driven classrooms and socio-emotional driven advisories.

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What Is The KLTR Score?

The KLTR scoring system can add value to any institution looking to assess current and future culture-building initiatives. This is a system that:


  • School administrators can use the system to evaluate school culture and its ability to provide a safe and supportive environment for students to learn and grow.

  • School administrators can use the system to compare their scores with other schools, encouraging collaboration to learn healthy strategies and practices that help build a positive school culture. 

  • Additionally, parents can use the score to assess whether an institution is equipped with the spaces and resources to serve their children. 

The 5-pillar scoring system serves as a structured approach for evaluating an organization. By utilizing this system, administrators can identify areas that require attention and receive constructive feedback for making improvements.

* Estimated Survey Length 12-18 minutes

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