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Saving Student Lives One Story at a Time

a brand dedicated to social impact and amplifying purpose

" There is a smile that radiates from her face; a glow that survived the depression of her past. She calls out, noticing me before I notice her. “I am doing so much better,” she says, “Thank you for everything!” The “everything” I had done, was simply to listen to her, to see her. That is what matters"

Empty Classroom

What is KultureMAG?

A resource, a catalyst and a translator

KultureMAG is an educational, lifestyle print publication launched in 2017 with the purpose of informing, guiding and encouraging the high school audience. It assists in developing leadership attributes, self-confidence, and self-empowerment through original content (art, poetry, articles) and other artistic creations, both linguistic and visual. 

KultureMAG was created with the intention of inspiring and engaging through culturally relevant and aesthetically progressive content that aligns with youth culture and appeals to our audience. The content is supported with lesson plans created for classroom use that align with common core standards. 

KultureMAG itself is inspired by the youth, created with the purpose of fostering interactions between scholars, the art of the magazine, and the content of a class. Its ultimate goal is the breaking down of arbitrary societal limitations such as race, sex, and socioeconomic status.

Our Belief

A scholar who is academically nurtured without being fed socially is a scholar who will fail to thrive. As our world changes in many ways, our scholars continue to feel its daily impact and their self-esteem stagnates. This deficit in self-esteem will jeopardize the success of any scholar, regardless of district or background. The question of, “What is my purpose?” is a question that we have to explore for ourselves. It is a question that directs the course of our life and validates our efforts as educators, influencers, community organizations, and organizers. KultureMAG has become a serviceable resource for educators to help increase scholar growth and character development. It is a valuable resource for both content-driven classrooms as well as character and socio-emotional driven advisories.

Girl Reading

Our Goal

To apply branding principles to improve education and social and emotional learning in students by introducing, implementing, and collaborating with educators and institutions with KultureMAG as a resource for growth and sustainability.

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