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A Journey into Social-Emotional Learning

Embark on a transformative journey with our KLTR program, a comprehensive social-emotional learning curriculum designed to guide students through the intricate landscapes of self-discovery and interpersonal understanding. Tailored for 7th to 12th graders, this curriculum adapts seamlessly to different age groups, fostering emotional intelligence, resilience, and a sense of belonging. As students progress through each grade level, the KLTR program offers a progressive and age-appropriate approach to social-emotional development, ensuring a continuous and enriching experience.

Social Emotional Learning

Learning about Self-Awarness, Love Languegs, and Overcoming Obstacles


The On The Car Ride Home (OTCRH) audio series and student journal are created to help students develop self-awareness and resilience, and continue their identity exploration.

The curriculum is guided by a 5-track audio series that addresses themes such as overcoming obstacles, imposter syndrome, and love languages, among others.

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00:00 / 11:24

Each audio series lasts approximately 7 to 12 minutes and is played at the beginning of each lesson to inspire reflection and support students through each activity.


Customizable Lesson Plans

Each lesson comes with a downloadable lesson plan for easy customization. Plus, unit planning guides provide dozens of differentiated activities, small-group assignments, and project ideas that allow teachers to tailor the unit to their students' unique needs.

  • The curriculum covers modules on self-reflection, overcoming obstacles, identifying love languages, and developing healthy relationships.


  • Teachers can use these modules to lead classroom discussions or assign journal prompts for independent work.


  • The accompanying audio series should be used before each lesson to reinforce key concepts and provide additional guidance.


  • Student progress can be assessed through written assignments, journal reflections, and class participation. The curriculum is adaptable and can be modified to meet the needs of all students.

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