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Integrating The KLTR Program

Unlocking Potential, Fostering Growth

Welcome to the heart of educational transformation! Integrating the KLTR program is not just a curriculum change; it's a profound shift towards cultivating resilient, self-aware, and socially adept individuals.

This page serves as your guide to seamlessly infuse the KLTR curriculum into your school/classroom. From understanding the free versus paid version to implementation steps, each section is crafted to support you in creating a vibrant and inclusive school culture. As you embark on this journey, you're not just adopting a curriculum; you're becoming a catalyst for positive change. Let's unlock the potential within each student, one lesson at a time.

At KLTR, we believe in the power of accessibility, and that's why our digital curriculum is available for free at It's an introductory gateway, offering a glimpse into the transformative world of the KLTR program. However, to truly embrace the depth and impact of our curriculum, consider the full version. This comprehensive package includes printed journals for students, providing a tangible keepsake and fostering a more immersive learning experience.

Our printed materials, including teacher guides, come at a cost, but the investment goes beyond textbooks. It opens the door to a holistic educational journey, nurturing not just academic growth but also social and emotional development. Licensing options are flexible, allowing schools to choose a plan that suits their needs—be it per student, per grade level, or for the entire student body. The progressive nature of our curriculum ensures that as students advance, they seamlessly transition to the next level, building upon the foundations laid in previous years. Join us in unlocking the full potential of your students, crafting a legacy of inspired and resilient individuals.

Digital Engagement Vs. The Full Immersive Experience

Where Do We Begin?


This section outlines a step-by-step process for integrating the KLTR program into your school's curriculum. It provides a comprehensive guide that assists educators in implementing the curriculum seamlessly and effectively.


Assess the need for the KLTR program (Optional)

Use the KLTR scoring model to help determine and identify any social-emotional gaps or challenges your students may be facing that the KLTR curriculum can address.

Introduce the KLTR program to the school community

Create a team of educators and staff members to lead the implementation, and share the mission statement and goals of the curriculum with school administrators, teachers, and staff.


Develop a plan for implementation

Determine which grade levels will participate in the program and how it will be integrated into the curriculum.

A. Review the curriculum for each grade: Review the
materials and curriculum for each grade level to understand the 8 content and how it aligns with the overall goals of the Kulture

B. Decide whether the curriculum will be implemented as a standalone curriculum or integrated into existing courses. Determine the best schedule and timeline for implementing the curriculum.

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Teacher Training
Provide training for teachers and staff on the KLTR curriculum. Educate them on the curriculum's goals and objectives, and how to effectively teach the curriculum. Provide training to teachers and staff on the principles and practices of social-emotional learning, diversity, and positive school culture. 

KLTR Kick-Off Motivational Talk For Students - Recommended

A motivational talk will serve as a kickoff event for the KLTR curriculum, designed to inspire and introduce students to the key concepts and principles of the KLTR curriculum. (optional)

Begin implementing the KLTR curriculum in the classroom

Use KLTR resources and materials to teach lessons on self- awareness, social-emotional learning, diversity, and positive school culture. 

Monitor student progress

Track and monitor student progress in social-emotional learning and identify areas for improvement.


Evaluate and adjust the curriculum as needed

Conduct regular evaluations of the curriculum and make necessary adjustments based on feedback and data.

Celebrate success!

Recognize and celebrate the success of students and staff in achieving the goals of the KLTR curriculum.

By following these steps, schools can successfully implement the KLTR curriculum and support the social-emotional development, diversity, and positive school culture of their students.

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